Marketing Mobile Apps in 2022: What you need to know


The mobile application market is becoming more competitive every year due to the flexibility of smartphones and the features and capabilities they offer. Mobile apps can be used for many purposes, including making micro-investments, ordering food delivery, booking hotel reservations or taking online courses.  With so many competing apps on the AppStores, it is easy to get lost in app stores, which is why you need to do what you can to stand out and this is where marketing mobile app comes in. No matter how engaging and unique your app is, it won’t be discovered if people don’t hear or see it advertised effectively.

There are many mobile apps on the AppStore that get little or no downloads, to prevent this from happening to your app, you need to map out a unique and effective marketing strategy even before announcing the app.

You can use numerous marketing strategies to promote a mobile application, but your method of promotion may vary based on the application’s features and type. Besides researching the app’s target audience, keeping users from deleting the app and how to monetize apps, you will also need to research the app’s monetization strategy.

When creating a mobile app marketing campaign, here are some tips to keep in mind

1. Why are you running an app marketing campaign?
2. Who do you intend to reach with your message?
3. Get a better understanding of how people download applications
4. Establish a revenue model
5. Optimize your app store listings
6. Retain and reward loyal customers

1. Why are you running an app marketing campaign?

Your mobile app marketing campaigns can only be successful if you set the right goals and determine how to reach your audience. A marketing campaign should have a clear goal, regardless of the type. The campaign strategy will depend on the goal of the campaign. The objective of this topic will be to focus on mobile application marketing; you may obtain app downloads, increase your onboarding rate, or drive user engagement by making your app discoverable. The following is a description of the mobile app promotion funnel.




Customer Relationship


Having highly effective marketing campaigns and the right content will help you reach the right people, and will keep them loyal to your app and brand.

2. Who do you intend to reach with your message?

Every marketer needs to keep this in mind because without knowing who exactly you are trying to reach, you won’t be able to effectively market. Prior to launching your app, determine who your target audience will be. Then, determine the benefits your app offers and the kinds of people that will benefit most from them.

Consider your audience’s demographic and psychographic characteristics, such as age, gender, location, lifestyle, and interests, as well as education level, income level, occupation, online behaviour, and so on. You should also look at what types of audiences competing apps target within the same category and what features your competitors offer and see if there are any features you can add to your own mobile app that does not exist in theirs. There is a possibility that a competitor may be neglecting key features that users want and need, or even ignoring an entire segment of users.

3. Get a better understanding of how people download applications

Once you have researched your target audience and developed buyer personas, you need to consider how to convince them to download your app. Two major strategies are paid marketing and organic marketing. I will briefly explain how they work.

Organic Marketing Strategy

A first approach you can implement to diversify traffic and get people to download your app can be organic marketing. However, keep in mind that you have no direct control over how much traffic and how many downloads your app receives since it is not directly influenced by you. You can get organic traffic from a variety of sources, including app stores, Google or Apple features, social media, referral systems, email marketing, or the press, among others.

By using app store optimization, you can indirectly influence this traffic. With the right strategy, you can make sure people find your app organically to drive more traffic and installation.

Paid Marketing Strategy

Paying for strategically placed and well-timed ads will increase traffic to your app and encourage downloads. You may need to spend more or less on paid marketing depending on the competitiveness of your app category. Increasing paid traffic involves a variety of strategies. These strategies include paid search ads, social media ads, AdWords campaigns, YouTube ads, and other types of channels that charge on a cost-per-install or -download basis. To get the most out of paid campaigns, you need a large enough budget.

Mobile app installs ads are a new, effective way of growing your mobile app. It is a safe, quick, and efficient way for users to log into your app, and for your app to ask for data access permission.

Facebook app Install ads Campaign gives potential results to your mobile app promotion campaign. Once your mobile app has been launched, you can run Facebook App Install Ads. A Facebook advertisement can help to boost the value proposition of your app by focusing on the demographic you want to reach.

Additionally, YouTube app download campaigns can help you increase your app downloads quickly. You can make a 60-second video describing how your mobile app is different from other mobile apps in your niche.

4. Establish a revenue model

It is essential to plan how to monetize your app before building it at all. You can generate revenue from your app in a variety of ways, depending on your audience and the nature of your app. Here are a few suggestions:

A One-Time Download Fee

Download Fees Plus In-App Purchases

Free App with In-App Purchases

Free with Premium Version

In-App Ads


5. your app store listings

App Store Optimization, or ASO, refers to the measures taken to optimize your app so that it is more visible in search results for mobile apps. An important step entails selecting the relevant keywords for the application in the mobile app stores to be indexed. A keyword is inserted in the title, subtitle, and short description of the application. You need to also note that the limit in the App Store is 30 characters, in Google Play it is 50.

Make sure you fill out the app description correctly. The visual elements on your app store page are just as crucial as the title and description. Featuring appealing icons and screenshots will allow people to easily identify your app and further encourage them to download and install it. Take care to accurately reflect the features and functionality of your app in your screenshots. You can also include videos on your app store page if you want to engage visitors. People tend to look closely at screenshots before downloading apps.

6. Retain and reward loyal customers

Adverts can generate many downloads if you invest in them. However, people may not login, may not buy anything, and may delete the app too soon. While you should do everything you can to increase user acquisition, it is equally important to keep your users and keep them loyal to get the best results from your app. Here are a few ways to increase retention and loyalty.

Updating the app regularly

Push notification

In-App communication

Offer rewards to loyal customers and referrals

Email campaign

Reacting to user feedback

Users who encounter a massive amount of bugs migrate to other competing apps. Restoring trust and gaining credibility a second time is very challenging. Therefore, always ensure that your mobile maintenance team is on top of their game.

If you want your mobile app marketing strategy to succeed, you need to make sure that your software development lifecycle is well planned. With so many competitors in the app market, it can be quite challenging to develop a successful product. However, if you have a great idea that is truly useful and can be put into practice effectively, you can handle it.

Keep abreast of new and continuing app marketing trends to stay competitive and optimize your marketing initiatives.

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